21 April, 2016
Tobacco Company's New, Dissolvable Nicotine Products Could Lead To Accidental Poisoning In Infants And Youth   [read article]

20 April, 2016
Women Less Likely To Have A Stroke After Mini Stroke   [read article]

19 April, 2016
12 Million Euro Project To Develop New Tools For Malaria Control   [read article]

18 April, 2016
Aspirin Does Not Benefit Many Stroke, Heart Attack Patients   [read article]

17 April, 2016
StemCellPatents.com Applauds International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO) On Recent Developments   [read article]

16 April, 2016
Mutation In Human Gene Helps Protect Against Fatal Malaria   [read article]

15 April, 2016
American Lung Association Report Highlights Toxic Health Threat Of Coal-Fired Power Plants, Calls For EPA To Reduce Emissions And Save Lives   [read article]

14 April, 2016
Stem Cells Drug Testing Predicted To Boom Under Obama   [read article]

13 April, 2016
Despite Real Benefits, Most At-Risk Patients Don't Adhere To Statin Treatment   [read article]

12 April, 2016
Antibody Locks Up West Nile's Infection Mechanism   [read article]

11 April, 2016
Quark Pharmaceuticals And Major Pharmaceutical Company Enter Into Licensing Option Agreement For The P53 Suppressor Drug QPI-1002   [read article]

10 April, 2016
Advances In Imaging For Urologic Oncology   [read article]

09 April, 2016
Falls Among Elderly And Sedatives, Mood-Altering Drugs Linked: UBC Study   [read article]

08 April, 2016
Acute Kidney Injury Patients More Likely To Need Dialysis Within 5 Years   [read article]

07 April, 2016
Pesticide Combinations Imperil Frogs   [read article]

06 April, 2016
15 Countries Report 615 Swine Flu (influenza A H1N1) Cases Of Infection Among Humans, 2nd May 2009   [read article]

05 April, 2016
Hairstylists Can Help Identify Older Clients Who Need Health Services   [read article]

04 April, 2016
UK Sugar Study Is Sweetener For Stem Cell Science   [read article]

03 April, 2016
Butler Hospital Neurologist Lead Author Of Ground Breaking Bio-Engineered Treatment Study For Alzheimer's Disease   [read article]

02 April, 2016
Popularity Of Dancing Inspires New Area Of Medicine - Focusing On The Health And Well-Being Of Performing Artists   [read article]

01 April, 2016
Sudden Cardiac Death In Young Athletes May Be Prevented By Adding ECG To Health Exams   [read article]

31 March, 2016
BVA Asks Defra To Abandon Separation Of Animal Health From Animal Welfare   [read article]

30 March, 2016
Quigley To Commence Medical Feed Poultry Study For Its QR-441(a)   [read article]

29 March, 2016
Even Young People Are Vulnerable To Stroke   [read article]

28 March, 2016
New High-Level Commission Will Examine Strategies For Maximizing Global Health Aid   [read article]

27 March, 2016
Giving Hope Back To Disabled Veterans   [read article]

26 March, 2016
Stem Cell Transplants May Benefit Stroke Victims   [read article]

25 March, 2016
Sport And Exercise Psychologist's Inaugural Conference, UK   [read article]

24 March, 2016
Women With Arthritis More Likely Than Men To Stop Working   [read article]

23 March, 2016
PCPT: Evidence That Finasteride Reduces Risk Of Most Frequently Detected Intermediate- And High-Grade (Gleason Score 6 And 7) Cancer   [read article]

22 March, 2016
New Collaborative Journal Launches, Highlights Latest Sports Medicine Research   [read article]

21 March, 2016
Gene implicated in chronic kidney disease   [read article]

20 March, 2016
Good News For Rural Stroke Patients: Virtual Stroke Care Appears Cost-Effective   [read article]

19 March, 2016
Parental Warning: Smoking Habits Are Transmitted From Mother To Daughter And Father To Son   [read article]

18 March, 2016
American Psychiatric Foundation, Lilly Foundation And Give An Hour Join Forces To Provide Mental Health Care To Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans   [read article]

17 March, 2016
Smoking May Cause Far More Cancer Deaths In Asian Americans Than Previously Recognized   [read article]

16 March, 2016
SpineSmith To Present At The 5th Annual Stem Cell Summit   [read article]

15 March, 2016
Angiotech Announces That Cook Medical's Zilver® Ptx® Drug-Eluting Stent Meets Its Primary Endpoint In A 479-Patient Pivotal Clinical Trial   [read article]

14 March, 2016
Discovery Of A Very Promising Biological Marker For Cancer   [read article]

13 March, 2016
DeCODE-led Megastudy Finds New Genetic Clues To Causes Of Schizophrenia   [read article]

12 March, 2016
CFIA Extends Compensation Application Period Related To Phytophthora Ramorum, Canada   [read article]

11 March, 2016
AUA Releases Guideline Update On Surgical Management Of Stress Urinary Incontinence   [read article]

10 March, 2016
Fewer Heart Disease Deaths In Massachusetts As Smoking Declines   [read article]

09 March, 2016
UCLA Medical Center Performs Its First Living Donor Kidney 'Swap'   [read article]

08 March, 2016
Combination Adult Stem Cell Therapy Improves Severe Limb Ischemia   [read article]

07 March, 2016
Pennsylvania Department Of Health, Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis A Rising Concern   [read article]

06 March, 2016
Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Found In California   [read article]

05 March, 2016
ImmuneRegen BioSciences Confirms Homspera's Therapeutic Anti-Influenza Effect On Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Virus After Oral Administration   [read article]

04 March, 2016
Senate Approves Omnibus VA Bill, Including Veterans Health Provisions   [read article]

03 March, 2016
Increased Preoperative Serum C-Reactive Protein Level Predicts A Poor Prognosis In Patients With Localized Renal Cell Carcinoma   [read article]

02 March, 2016
The APCs Of Nerve Cell Function   [read article]

01 March, 2016
BMA clears the air with new report on smoke-free public places   [read article]

29 February, 2016
Office Of Healthy Ohio Releases Ohio Obesity Prevention Plan   [read article]

28 February, 2016
Stem Cell Transplantation For Cardiac Repair And Limb Ischemia   [read article]

27 February, 2016
Steve Hochman Of Next Level Fitness Offers Tips On How Not To Quit Your New Year's Resolution To Get Fit, Canada   [read article]

26 February, 2016
An IQ Test Developed To Assess And Outsmart Bacteria's "Social Intelligence"   [read article]

25 February, 2016
Marker Indicating The Developmental Potential Of Stem Cells Discovered By Chinese Scientists   [read article]

24 February, 2016
New Grant Will Help Lehigh's Environmental Initiative Integrate Technology With Science Education   [read article]

23 February, 2016
IADR Oral Medicine & Pathology Award Received By Baum   [read article]

22 February, 2016
Quit Success Rate Doubled By Pre-Cessation Patch: Researchers Call For Labeling Changes   [read article]

21 February, 2016
Urine Cytology Is Of No Added Value In The Primary Evaluation Of Patients With Hematuria   [read article]

20 February, 2016
Gene Related To Aging Plays Role In Stem Cell Differentiation   [read article]

19 February, 2016
High Blood Pressure Treatment For The Over 80s Too Aggressive, Warns Expert   [read article]

18 February, 2016
Creation Of Heart And Blood Cells From Reprogrammed Skin Cells   [read article]

17 February, 2016
Tiny Particles May Pose Threat To Liver Cells, Say Scientists   [read article]

16 February, 2016
Copan Diagnostics, Inc. Offers Kit For Rapid Collection Of Nasopharyngeal Sample To Detect Swine Flu Virus   [read article]

15 February, 2016
Study To Examine Effects Of New Dietary Supplement On Joint Injuries In College Athletes   [read article]

14 February, 2016
Water Treatment And Reuse - II   [read article]

13 February, 2016
Daiichi Sankyo Completes Enrollment Of The Edoxaban Global Phase III ENGAGE AF-TIMI 48 Study In Patients With Atrial Fibrillation   [read article]

12 February, 2016
Infant Swimming Resource Supports New Drowning Prevention Policy Statement From The American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP)   [read article]

11 February, 2016
Athletes Face Tough Hits, Players Susceptible To Concussions   [read article]

10 February, 2016
Good Sports Program Launches In Wollongong, Australia   [read article]

09 February, 2016
Rote Learning Improves Memory In Seniors   [read article]

08 February, 2016
Cognitive Benefits In Older Adults Who Have Regular Moderate Alcohol Intake   [read article]

07 February, 2016
To Enhance Its Survival Malaria Parasite Zeroes In On Molecule   [read article]

06 February, 2016
Forest Biotechnology Obstructed By Anti-Biotech Groups   [read article]

05 February, 2016
Scientists Find Potential Protein Biomarkers For Growth Hormone   [read article]

04 February, 2016
Fountain Of Youth? Cutting Calories May Add Years To Your Life   [read article]

03 February, 2016
CQ's Carey Discusses SCHIP Negotiations, Weems, American Indian Program Funding   [read article]

02 February, 2016
Baby Boomers' Bodies Impacted By Years Of Wear And Tear   [read article]

01 February, 2016
American Red Cross And American Heart Association Jointly Announce Revised First Aid Guidelines   [read article]

31 January, 2016
Computational Feat Speeds Finding Of Genes To Milliseconds Instead Of Years   [read article]

30 January, 2016
Dentists Recommend Wearing Mouthguards During Sports To Protect Teeth, Lips, Tongue, And Jaw   [read article]

29 January, 2016
Management Of Methane Well Water Complicated By Regulatory Framework, Not Environmental Effects   [read article]

28 January, 2016
When Children Have Breathing Problems   [read article]

27 January, 2016
Fort Dodge Animal Health Announces Licensure Of A Reverse Genetics Avian Influenza Vaccine   [read article]

26 January, 2016
Natural Hormone Enables Plants To Rid Themselves Of Pesticide Residues   [read article]

25 January, 2016
Men And Women Benefit From Gender Specific Kidney Transplants   [read article]

24 January, 2016
The Importance Of Social Support To Distress Levels After Blood & Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation   [read article]

23 January, 2016
Senate Confirms Orszag As Head Of Office Of Management And Budget; Shinseki As Veterans Affairs Secretary   [read article]

22 January, 2016
AMA: Further Support For Prevention Needed, Australia   [read article]

21 January, 2016
Hyperion Therapeutics Receives FDA Fast Track Designation For Glycerol Phenylbutyrate For The Treatment Of Urea Cycle Disorders   [read article]

20 January, 2016
Analysis Of Symptoms, Endoscopy And Urothelial Morphology In Bladder Pain Syndrome/interstitial Cystitis Shows Treatment Results Unpredictable   [read article]

19 January, 2016
Identification Of Genetic Marker For Insecticide Resistance In Mosquitoes   [read article]

18 January, 2016
Spectranetics Announces First Patient Enrolled In EXCITE ISR Clinical Trial   [read article]

17 January, 2016
Schizophrenia Research: Ming T. Tsuang Recognized With NARSAD Outstanding Achievement Award   [read article]

16 January, 2016
Should the statin, Mevacor, become an OTC drug, FDA panel ponders   [read article]

15 January, 2016
Cigarette Together With A Coffee Super Bad For Your Heart   [read article]

14 January, 2016
Low-Carb Diets Linked To Atherosclerosis And Impaired Blood Vessel Growth   [read article]

13 January, 2016
Whitehead Member Rudolf Jaenisch To Receive MGH's 2011 Warren Triennial Prize   [read article]

12 January, 2016
Synosia Announces Second Agreement With Roche   [read article]

11 January, 2016
Six week mini-med school to focus on the fascinating science of aging   [read article]

10 January, 2016
Infection Preventionists Can Play Pivotal Role In Protecting Against Swine Flu   [read article]

09 January, 2016
Glaucoma Research Highlights From AAO-SOE Joint Meeting Nov. 9   [read article]

08 January, 2016
Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute And The Watchman Left Atrial Appendage System   [read article]

07 January, 2016
U Of MN Researchers Turn Cord Blood Into Lung Cells   [read article]

06 January, 2016
UC Environmental Health Chair Recognized Nationally For Urologic Research Excellence   [read article]

05 January, 2016
Women With Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections Benefit From Cranberry Juice   [read article]

04 January, 2016
Underutilization Of Statins, Aspirin And Beta-Blockers In Women   [read article]

03 January, 2016
Stroke Survivors At Risk Of Another Cardiovascular Event May Be Identified By A Simple Test   [read article]

02 January, 2016
NIGMS funds new stem cell centers - Focus on basic biology, training scientists   [read article]

01 January, 2016
H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu) Still Spreading In Some Parts Of The World, But Cases Generally Falling, World Health Organization   [read article]

31 December, 2015
Longevity Gap Worsens For People With Schizophrenia   [read article]

30 December, 2015
Alnylam Initiates Phase IIb Clinical Trial Of ALN-RSV01 In Adult Lung Transplant Patients Infected With Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Infection   [read article]

29 December, 2015
Does Giving Up Smoking Raise Your Diabetes Risk?   [read article]

28 December, 2015
Researchers 'Grow Rett Syndrome' In A Petri Dish   [read article]

27 December, 2015
New Method For Bone-Marrow-Derived Liver Stem Cells Isolation And Proliferation   [read article]

26 December, 2015
Revised Theory Suggests Carbon Dioxide Levels Already In Danger Zone, Study Published In Open Atmospheric Science Journal   [read article]

25 December, 2015
Woman Drugs Husband And Slices Off His Penis With Kitchen Knife   [read article]

24 December, 2015
Promedior Announces Initiation Of Phase 2a Of Anti-Fibrotic Therapeutic, PRM-151, In The Prevention Of Post-Surgical Scarring In Glaucoma Patients   [read article]

23 December, 2015
Advances In Brain Research Poised To Dramatically Change Society   [read article]

22 December, 2015
Covidien Announces New Evidence That Demonstrates Clinical Efficacy Of VNUS ClosureFAST(TM) Catheter   [read article]

21 December, 2015
Federal Judge Approves VEBA Established Under Contract Between UAW, Ford   [read article]

20 December, 2015
14-year study finds that quitting smoking adds years to life   [read article]

19 December, 2015
Promising Urine Test Tells How Effective Tuberculosis Treatment Is   [read article]

18 December, 2015
AngioDynamics Expands VenaCure EVLT(R) System For Varicose Veins With Longer 90 Cm Kit   [read article]

17 December, 2015
Study Suggests Menthol Cigarette Smokers May Have More Difficulty Quitting Smoking   [read article]

16 December, 2015
HGH Significantly Increases Sprint Capacity In Healthy Recreational Athletes   [read article]

15 December, 2015
Tissue regeneration operates differently than expected   [read article]

14 December, 2015
A Urine Test For Appendicitis?   [read article]

13 December, 2015
US Preventive Services Task Force Updates Prostate Cancer Screening Recommendations - No Benefits For Over 75s   [read article]

12 December, 2015
Veterans Affairs, Louisiana Announce $1.2B Hospital Complex For New Orleans   [read article]

11 December, 2015
Lipitor Mismarketed To Women   [read article]

10 December, 2015
Put More Nitrogen Into Milk, Not Manure   [read article]

09 December, 2015
World Malaria Day: How Much Do You Know About The Epidemic?   [read article]

08 December, 2015
San Diego Stem Cell Consortium Tops In State Funding   [read article]

07 December, 2015
CEUS: To Diagnose Postoperative Vascular Complications After Liver Transplantation   [read article]

06 December, 2015
Brain Differences Could Explain Why Males And Females Experience Pain Relief Differently   [read article]

05 December, 2015
Chronic Cough And Sputum Linked To Secondhand Smoke   [read article]

04 December, 2015
Injecting Black "Goo" Into Brain May Nullify Surgery   [read article]

03 December, 2015
Chrysler Bankruptcy Filing Gives VEBA 55% Share Of New Company   [read article]

02 December, 2015
Toward A Less Expensive Version Of The Anti-flu Drug Tamiflu   [read article]

01 December, 2015
Blood Journal Study Suggest IOC Testing For Erythropoietin Is Faked   [read article]

30 November, 2015
Alzheimer's Gene Identified   [read article]

29 November, 2015
EToims(R) Medical Technology Launches Sports Development Program With Leading Football Franchise   [read article]

28 November, 2015
Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report Highlights Issues Related To 2006 Election   [read article]

27 November, 2015
3 Proteins May Play Important Role In Nerve-Cell Repair   [read article]

26 November, 2015
Mental Illnesses Appear Common Among Veterans Returning From Iraq, Afghanistan   [read article]

25 November, 2015
EHSI: Possible AIDS Cure, Other Stem Cell Breakthroughs Changing The Face Of Medicine   [read article]

24 November, 2015
Antidepressants Improve Post-Stroke 'Thinking Outside The Box'   [read article]

23 November, 2015
Exercise Improves Physical Health, Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Survivors   [read article]

22 November, 2015
Putting MicroRNAs On The Stem Cell Map   [read article]

21 November, 2015
Anticholinergic Drugs Linked To Mental Impairment In Elderly People   [read article]

20 November, 2015
Researcher Reports On Origin Of Deadly Fever Outbreak   [read article]

19 November, 2015
Vitamin D2 Supplements Might Lower Risk Of Some Older Women Falling Down   [read article]

18 November, 2015
Qatar Home To World-Class Biomedical Research Program   [read article]

17 November, 2015
Council on Family Health Offers Medicine Use Information for Seniors USA   [read article]

16 November, 2015
Keryx Biopharmaceuticals Announces That SUN-MICRO Phase 3 Clinical Trial Fails To Meet Primary Efficacy Endpoint   [read article]

15 November, 2015
HRSA Allocates $1M To University Of Colorado To Expand Inventory Of Umbilical Cord Blood Bank   [read article]

14 November, 2015
More British Cities Called To Invest In Innovative Cycling Schemes And Save Millions From Health Bill   [read article]

13 November, 2015
Older Adults May Be Unreliable Eyewitnesses, Study Shows   [read article]

12 November, 2015
FOCUS On FOCIS: Combined Chemo-Immunotherapy For The Treatment Of Hormone-Refractory Metastatic Prostate Cancer   [read article]

11 November, 2015
Do Government Subsidies To The US Film Industry Promote Youth Smoking?   [read article]

10 November, 2015
How Nasal Stem Cells Could Tackle Childhood Hearing Problems   [read article]

09 November, 2015
Swine Flu And Asthma: NIH Prepares To launch 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Trial In People With Asthma   [read article]

08 November, 2015
News From The Journal Of Clinical Investigation, June 1, 2009   [read article]

07 November, 2015
Urgent Action Essential To Protect Malaria Therapies Says WHO   [read article]

06 November, 2015
Link Between Vitamin D And Mental Agility In Elders   [read article]

05 November, 2015
New Properties Of Skin Stem Cells   [read article]

04 November, 2015
Ways To Detect Lupus-Associated Kidney Disease Investigated By Researchers   [read article]

03 November, 2015
Providing Home-Care Services May Hasten Old Age Decline   [read article]

02 November, 2015
Diet And Hydration Of Sportspeople Improve During Competition, According To Thesis   [read article]

01 November, 2015
Helping Iraq Rebuild Food, Livestock Industries   [read article]

31 October, 2015
Health "Shocks" Diminish Wealth More Later In Life   [read article]

30 October, 2015
American Association Of Kidney Patients Asks Congressional Leaders To Co-Sponsor Bill   [read article]

29 October, 2015
British Veterinary Association Welcomes Veterinary Nurses And Practice Managers Into The Fold   [read article]

28 October, 2015
Four Research Institutes To Build A Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Facility In California   [read article]

27 October, 2015
Rapid, Low-Cost DNA Testing   [read article]

26 October, 2015
Investigating The Development Of Novel Therapies To Make The Old Immune System Young Again   [read article]

25 October, 2015
The Lung Association Launches New Campaign To Celebrate Former Smokers During National Non-Smoking Week   [read article]

24 October, 2015
More Information On Fat Digestibility In Pigs Needed   [read article]

23 October, 2015
Lunesta (Eszopiclone) Approved by FDA for Treatment of Insomnia   [read article]

22 October, 2015
Test For Blocked Neck Arteries Only Necessary For People With Stroke Risk Factors   [read article]

21 October, 2015
Actions Taken On Women's Health-Related Legislation, Programs In Delaware, Florida, Ohio   [read article]

20 October, 2015
Calcium And Exercise To Strengthen The Bones - Do You Get Enough?   [read article]

19 October, 2015
Safeway Offers Affordable Seasonal Flu Vaccinations In U.S. Stores   [read article]

18 October, 2015
Workers To Be Registered To Tackle Elder Abuse, UK   [read article]

17 October, 2015
As Urinary Tract Infections Increase, More Education Is Needed   [read article]

16 October, 2015
Cigarette Smoking Is A Predictor Of RA And May Negatively Impact On Efficacy Of Anti-TNFs   [read article]

15 October, 2015
Patients With Heart Device Can Safely Undergo Non-Cardiac Surgery   [read article]

14 October, 2015
AVMA Condemns Threats By Animal Rights Activists Against UCLA Scientist   [read article]

13 October, 2015
Study Of Bladder Damage Reveals Properties That May Enable Scientists To Bio-Engineer New Bladders   [read article]

12 October, 2015
Study Of Strength Training For Seniors Finds Increased Muscle Strength, Reduced Muscular Atrophy   [read article]

11 October, 2015
Fibrocell Science, Inc. Reports Outcome Of FDA Advisory Committee Meeting On Azfibrocel-T For Wrinkles   [read article]

10 October, 2015
Sunitinib Malate Is Active Against Human Urothelial Carcinoma And Enhances The Activity Of Cisplatin In A Preclinical Model   [read article]

09 October, 2015
Technology Offers New Way To Test Potential Cancer Drugs, See Effects Of Environmental Toxins   [read article]

08 October, 2015
Your asthmatic cat may be allergic to you   [read article]

07 October, 2015
NOVAVAX Presents Positive Clinical Results At The World Health Organization Conference, Geneva, Switzerland   [read article]

06 October, 2015
Coordinator Of UN High-Level Task Force To Open McGill Food Security Conference   [read article]

05 October, 2015
Indian Interstitial Cystitis/Painful Bladder Syndrome Guidelines Announced   [read article]

04 October, 2015
Quality Care For Stroke Patients: UH Case Medical Center Receives Get With The Guidelines Gold Plus Performance Achievement Award   [read article]

03 October, 2015
Link Between Normal Sleep And Successful Aging   [read article]

02 October, 2015
Nationwide Launch Campaign Of Centralized Diagnostic Tests In Key Disease Areas   [read article]

01 October, 2015
Maryland General Assembly Approves CareFirst Partnership For 'Doughnut Hole' Subsidy   [read article]

30 September, 2015
Iraq Veterans' Traumatic Brain Injuries To Be Studied By UB Researchers At Buffalo VA Medical Center   [read article]

29 September, 2015
South Carolina House Approves Cigarette Tax Increase To Fund Health Care For Low-Income Residents   [read article]

28 September, 2015
Study reveals potential new target for cholesterol-lowering drugs   [read article]

27 September, 2015
A Chemosensitivity Test To Individualize Intravesical Treatment For Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer   [read article]

26 September, 2015
Nanoparticle-Core Polymer Holds Promise As An Absorbable, Weight-Bearing Replacement For Traditional Graft Materials   [read article]

25 September, 2015
Fewer Elderly U.S. Residents Live In Nursing Homes, U.S. Census Reports   [read article]

24 September, 2015
Quitting Smoking Has Major Knock-on Effect On Others Not To Smoke   [read article]

23 September, 2015
Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report Highlights Recent Developments In Veterans' Health Care   [read article]

22 September, 2015
Stem Cells May Provide Treatment For Brain Injuries   [read article]

21 September, 2015
Lung Function Decline In Smokers Slowed By Higher Physical Activity Level   [read article]

20 September, 2015
A Revolutionary Way To Mend Damaged Bones And Cartilage Using A Patient's Own Stem Cells Being Developed By University Of Edinburgh, UK   [read article]

19 September, 2015
Marine Aquaculture Could Feed Growing World Population   [read article]

18 September, 2015
National Comprehensive Cancer Network Receives $1.5 Million Grant To Research Targeted Therapy In Bladder Cancer   [read article]

17 September, 2015
Patients Gain Limb Movement Years After Stroke   [read article]

16 September, 2015
A New Measure For The Malignancy Of Melanoma   [read article]

15 September, 2015
DNA Clues To Inform Conservation In Africa   [read article]

14 September, 2015
Pomegranate For Prostate Cancer   [read article]

13 September, 2015
ITN America's Freund To Receive GSA's 2006 Maxwell A. Pollack Award   [read article]

12 September, 2015
Lack Of Exercise Linked To Higher Heart Disease Risk In Healthy Children As Young As Nine   [read article]

11 September, 2015
First 16-Patient, Multicenter 'Domino Donor' Kidney Transplant Lead By Johns Hopkins   [read article]

10 September, 2015
More Neurology Residents Comfortable Using Stroke Clot-Busting Drug   [read article]

09 September, 2015
Strong Evidence On Climate Change Underscores Need For Actions To Reduce Emissions And Begin Adapting To Impacts   [read article]

08 September, 2015
Study Links Evolution Of Single Gene To Human Capacity For Language   [read article]

07 September, 2015
Regulating Hematopoietic Stem Cell Homeostasis And Leukemogenesis   [read article]

06 September, 2015
Expert In Environmental Cardiology Tol Speak May 21 To Celebrate The 40th Anniversary Of The Federal Clean Air Act   [read article]

05 September, 2015
Sleep May Play A Role In The Consolidation Of A Complex Motor-Learning Task   [read article]

04 September, 2015
Prognostic Importance Of Teratoma At Time Of PC-RPLND For Patients With Metastatic Mixed Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumors   [read article]

03 September, 2015
Blood Pressure Meds Can Protect Kidney Health   [read article]

02 September, 2015
Bone Research Strengthened In Lead Up To World Osteoporosis Day   [read article]

01 September, 2015
New Gene Combination May Cause Deadly Prostate Cancer   [read article]

31 August, 2015
While Infecting Humans Tiny Fungi May Reproduce Sexually   [read article]

30 August, 2015
New Theory That May Lead To Effective Heart Failure Treatments   [read article]

29 August, 2015
Mental Health Network Welcomes Age Concern Report   [read article]

28 August, 2015
Shedding New Light On How Blood Clots Form   [read article]

27 August, 2015
How our brains fend off madness, we produce a cannabis like substance   [read article]

26 August, 2015
New Data On Invega(R) Sustenna(R) And Risperdal(R) Consta(R) For Schizophrenia To Be Presented At Major Psychiatry Meeting   [read article]

25 August, 2015
Antipsychotic Drugs Increase Risk Of Death In Older People With Dementia   [read article]

24 August, 2015
Racial Differences In Undiagnosed Key Stroke Risk Factor And Stroke Incidence   [read article]

23 August, 2015
Healthy Lifestyle Significantly Reduces A Woman's Heart Attack Risk   [read article]

22 August, 2015
Preterax(R) Prevents And Reverses Renal Disease In Type 2 Diabetics   [read article]

21 August, 2015
Increased Surveillance Of Nursing Home Residents Following Changes In Medication May Decrease Falls   [read article]

20 August, 2015
Pregnant Smokers May 'Program' Their Kids To Become Smokers   [read article]

19 August, 2015
Risks Associated With Used Football Faceshields   [read article]

18 August, 2015
More Brain Atrophy, More Lesions Discovered In MS Patients Who Smoke   [read article]

17 August, 2015
First Baby Is Born After A New Technique   [read article]

16 August, 2015
What Is Kidney Cancer? What Causes Kidney Cancer?   [read article]

15 August, 2015
Patients With High CRP And Normal LDL Have Long-Term Risk For Heart Disease, Stroke And Death   [read article]

14 August, 2015
2010 AAO-HNSF Miniseminars: Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010   [read article]

13 August, 2015
Dignity In Care Of Paramount Importance, Says Help The Aged As RCN Issues Survey, UK   [read article]

12 August, 2015
Obesity In Children And Adults: Sleep Deprivation Doubles Risk   [read article]

11 August, 2015
Software Program To Improve Safety Among Older Drivers   [read article]

10 August, 2015
Anticoagulant Plays Unexpected Role In Maintaining Circulatory Integrity   [read article]

09 August, 2015
Discovery Of Link Between Birth Defect Gastroschisis And The Agricultural Chemical Atrazine   [read article]

08 August, 2015
Pathogenic Soil Bacterium Is Influenced By Land Management Practices   [read article]

07 August, 2015
Fixing Pakistan's Water Woes   [read article]

06 August, 2015
Abbott Receives U.S. FDA Approval For RX Herculink Elite® Renal Stent System For Treatment Of Renal Artery Disease   [read article]

05 August, 2015
Prion Infectivity Spread Through Lymph Nodes Into Nervous System   [read article]

04 August, 2015
Cigarette Smoking Increases Colorectal Cancer Risk   [read article]

03 August, 2015
Parents Spending Any Part Of The Night With Their Infants Report Poor Sleep   [read article]

02 August, 2015
The Future For Medical Diagnostics Is Gold Nanostars   [read article]

01 August, 2015
Why We Need A World Social Health Insurance   [read article]

31 July, 2015
Researchers Identify Cause of 'Early Bird' Sleep Disorder   [read article]

30 July, 2015
Improved 'Molecular Fingerprinting' For Trace Gas Detection Unveiled By JILA   [read article]

29 July, 2015
For Those Who Eat Steak And Beans: When There Is No Steak, You Eat The Beans   [read article]

28 July, 2015
News From The Journal Chest: February 2009   [read article]

27 July, 2015
FDA Grants Fast Track Designation For Alpharadin For Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer In Patients With Bone Metastases   [read article]

26 July, 2015
Hair Cell-Derived Patient-Specific Heart Cells For Disease Modeling And Drug Screening   [read article]

25 July, 2015
Mathematical Modeling Strategy Integrates External Factors Into Limb Movement   [read article]

24 July, 2015
UCSD researchers maintain stem cells without contaminated animal feeder layers   [read article]

23 July, 2015
New insights into muscle adaptation to exercise   [read article]

22 July, 2015
Smokers Urged To Extinguish The Risk On No Smoking Day, UK   [read article]

21 July, 2015
Researchers To Study Aging Population To Improve Quality Of Life Among Elderly   [read article]

20 July, 2015
66% of America's wired senior citizens search for health information online   [read article]

19 July, 2015
Classical Swine Fever: Movement Restrictions On Pigs In North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany   [read article]

18 July, 2015
Medical Workers Better Able To Assess Brain Injuries With Technology Developed At Queen's University   [read article]

17 July, 2015
Study Shows Gene's Role In Developing And Maintaining Cells Key For A Lifetime Of Memories   [read article]

16 July, 2015
Health Canada Advises Consumers Not To Use Herbal Sleep Supplement Sleepees Which Contains A Habit-forming Drug   [read article]

15 July, 2015
Canadian MPs Present Petition On Behalf Of Grandmothers Campaign   [read article]

14 July, 2015
Link Between Blood-Clotting Protein And Cancer, Septicaemia   [read article]

13 July, 2015
Stem Cell Voice Box Transplant Trials Could Begin In 2013, UK   [read article]

12 July, 2015
CIT Provides Acquisition Financing To American Medical Systems   [read article]

11 July, 2015
Neoadjuvant Platelet Derived Growth Factor Receptor Inhibitor Therapy With Docetaxel And Androgen Ablation For High Risk Localized Prostate Cancer   [read article]

10 July, 2015
Greater Priority Should Be Given To Stroke Prevention In Developing Countries   [read article]

09 July, 2015
Longevity Study In Mice Finds It's Better To Go Hungry Than Go Running   [read article]

08 July, 2015
The Pros And Cons Of Polar Expeditions   [read article]

07 July, 2015
Rice Genetics Research Funded By NSF Grant   [read article]

06 July, 2015
American Public Health Association Applauds U.S. Senate For Protecting EPA's Authority To Combat Climate Change And Safeguard Public Health   [read article]

05 July, 2015
Scientists To Assess Beijing Olympics Air Pollution Control Efforts   [read article]

04 July, 2015
Study Shows Acupressure Effective In Helping To Treat Traumatic Brain Injury   [read article]

03 July, 2015
Older Adults Should Be Prescribed Exercise For Better Health   [read article]

02 July, 2015
Heart Transplant Loss In Children Predicted By Viral Infection   [read article]

01 July, 2015
A Better Way To Regenerate Lost Tissue To Treat Conditions Like Heart Disease And Stroke   [read article]

30 June, 2015
Opposites Attract: Monkeys Choose Mating Partners With Different Genes   [read article]

29 June, 2015
Amylin Pharmaceuticals And Eli Lilly And Company Statement On FDA's BYETTA(R) (Exenatide) Injection Update   [read article]

28 June, 2015
Tennessee Gov. Bredesen Proposes Home-Based Care Plan   [read article]

27 June, 2015
Donated Embryos Could Result In More Than 2,000 Embryonic Stem Cell Lines   [read article]

26 June, 2015
California Unfunded Liability For Retiree Health Care At Least $118B, Report Finds   [read article]

25 June, 2015
ADHD Appears To Increase Level Of Nicotine Dependence In Smokers   [read article]

24 June, 2015
Declare Your Independence And Stop Smoking For Good This Fourth Of July   [read article]

23 June, 2015
Seniors Keep Their Cool This Summer And Learn How To Prevent Heat-Related Injuries   [read article]

22 June, 2015
European Aquatics And UNICEF Agree To Work Together On Safe Drinking Water And Sanitation For All Children   [read article]

21 June, 2015
Expectant Parents Still Unclear On Cord Blood Stem Cell Collection, UK   [read article]

20 June, 2015
$2.1 Million Grant Awarded For Genetic Study Of Schizophrenia To US And Hebrew University Researchers   [read article]

19 June, 2015
Pregnant Women At High Risk Of Complications From H1N1 Influenza   [read article]

18 June, 2015
Citizens Blast State Report Dismissing Apple Moth Spray Illnesses, California   [read article]

17 June, 2015
Uroplasty's Next-Generation Device To Treat Overactive Bladder Awarded CE Marking   [read article]

16 June, 2015
A Leap Forward In Understanding Cholera   [read article]

15 June, 2015
PD-1 Is Expressed By Tumor-Infiltrating Immune Cells And Is Associated With Poor Outcome For Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma   [read article]

14 June, 2015
Hidden Infections Crucial To Understanding, Controlling Disease Outbreaks   [read article]

13 June, 2015
Kidney Failure: Preference-Based Quality Of Life   [read article]

12 June, 2015
Diagnosis Clarified For Serious Blood Vessel Disease Of Brain And Spinal Cord   [read article]

11 June, 2015
The Late Edmund H. Sonnenblick, New York Cardiologist, Receives Posthumous National Research Achievement Award   [read article]

10 June, 2015
Going To Bed Late May Affect The Health, Academic Performance Of College Students   [read article]

09 June, 2015
Single-Center Experience Using Three Shockwave Lithotripters With Different Generator Designs In Management Of Urinary Calculi   [read article]

08 June, 2015
Secondhand Smoke Is Harmful, Says US Surgeon General, Richard Carmona   [read article]

07 June, 2015
Dosimetric Equivalence Of Nonstandard HDR Brachytherapy Catheter Patterns   [read article]

06 June, 2015
Amazing Longevity Reported In Simple Organism Suggests Strategies For Increasing Human Lifespan   [read article]

05 June, 2015
Louisiana House Committee Sends Two Different Human Cloning Bills to House Floor   [read article]

04 June, 2015
New Method To Grow Synthetic Collagen May Find Use In Reconstructive Surgery, Cosmetics, Tissue Engineering   [read article]

03 June, 2015
Obesity In Later Life Leads To Increased Risks Of Disability But Not Of Dying - And To 'a Ticking Time Bomb' For Health And Social Services   [read article]

02 June, 2015
Study Examines Stroke Risk Among Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery   [read article]

01 June, 2015
Some Progress But Government Has Missed Opportunities In Queen's Speech, British Medical Asociation   [read article]

31 May, 2015
Elderly Patients Admitted With High Glucose Levels Are More Likely To Die In Hospital   [read article]

30 May, 2015
FDA Has Granted HUD (Humanitarian Use Device) Designation To ITGI's Pericardium Covered Stents, Over And Under(R) And Aneugraft(R)   [read article]

29 May, 2015
Positive Surgical Margins Appear To Have Negligible Impact On Survival Of Renal Cell Carcinomas Treated By Nephron Sparing Surgery   [read article]

28 May, 2015
American Association Of Kidnay Patients Develops Understanding Depression Brochures   [read article]

27 May, 2015
Ethnicity Should Be Taken Into Account In Heart Disease And Stroke Prevention Studies   [read article]

26 May, 2015
BioTime Receives NIH Approval For Two GMP Human Embryonic Stem Cell Lines   [read article]

25 May, 2015
Response To University Of Michigan 'Stroke And Fast Food Study' Presented At The International Stroke Conference   [read article]

24 May, 2015
The Activation Of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines May Be A Mechanism By Which Short And Long Sleep Durations Affect Health   [read article]

23 May, 2015
NIHSeniorHealth Offers Tips On How To Talk With Your Doctor, USA   [read article]

22 May, 2015
AVMA Offers Guidance For States Regulating Dog Breeders, Retailers   [read article]

21 May, 2015
UK Meeting On International Food Security   [read article]

20 May, 2015
Interpretation Of The Prostate Cancer Gene 3 In Reference To The Individual Clinical Background: Implications For Daily Practice   [read article]

19 May, 2015
Federal Government Receives Failing Grades On Tobacco Control In Annual American Lung Association Report, USA   [read article]

18 May, 2015
Consumers Advised Against Counterfeit And Unapproved H1N1 Flu Virus (Human Swine Flu) Products   [read article]

17 May, 2015
Brain Waves Control The Impact Of Noise On Sleep   [read article]

16 May, 2015
FDA November 2008 Update On Feed Enforcement Activities To Limit The Spread Of BSE   [read article]

15 May, 2015
Kidney Donation Websites Raise Ethical Concerns - Public Solicitation For Organs May Favor White, Educated And Wealthy Recipients   [read article]

14 May, 2015
Canadian Ministers identify sport and recreation infrastructure as top priority   [read article]

13 May, 2015
Xenomics Presents New Diagnostics Platform: Detection Of In Vivo Cell Death By Analysis Of Cell-Free Tissue-Specific MiRNA In Urine Or Blood   [read article]

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