Water treatment and reuse are very important issues for both developed and developing countries. As supply of clean water becomes limited for industrial, agricultural, and municipal uses, the improvement of conventional technologies and application of new technologies will be critical for sustainable operation.

The proposed conference will provide a highly effective forum to discuss research and development in the advancement and use of technologies for purifying industrial and municipal waste water for reuse and the latest development of integrated technologies for water treatment.

The deliberations will give special consideration to advances in desalination technologies as well. In addition we will have sessions on technologies relevant to the problems faced by developing countries (e.g., arsenic problem, pathogen removal).

As identified in the NAE report (The BRIDGE, March 2005), "different solutions are required in the developing world, and the solutions have to work in the field". The researchers in the water treatment and desalination field have diverse backgrounds ranging from chemical engineering, chemistry, civil engineering, environmental engineering, and biology.

This international forum will bring together academics and persons from industries, and government sector interested in water related issues and new/improved technologies.

Technical Sessions

The conference will have 9 -10 oral sessions and 1 poster paper session. The oral sessions will be in the following five areas:

-- Technologies for Water Purification and Reuse (Adsorption, membranes, ion exchange, advanced materials)

-- Bioremediation and Advanced Oxidation/reduction Technologies (Novel bioprocesses, groundwater remediation, nano-structured materials for oxidation/reduction)

-- Desalination Advances (Membranes and membrane processes, thermal processes, electrically-driven processes)

-- Technologies Applicable to Developing Countries (Arsenic problem, desalination, treatment for agricultural water reuse, pathogen removals)

-- Hybrid Processes and Design Aspects (Cost effective technologies, large-scale treatment and reuse of municipal, agricultural, and industrial effluents, design methodologies)

-- Poster Paper Session

: Tressa Gaffaney
Engineering Conferences International

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