Every January, the most popular New Year's Resolution is to get fit. Many people join a gym or buy fitness equipment but their commitment soon dissolves and by February gyms are less crowded and the new equipment is in the garage.

At the same time, obesity is increasing dramatically in America and a startling 30%, more than 60 million people 20 years and older, are considered obese.

Nationwide only 42 million Americans or 14% belong to a health club or gym. The number of Americans who exercise regularly represents just a small fraction of the total population.

Steve Hochman, Director of Fitness for Next Level Fitness in Irvine, is testimony to his expertise in the fitness arena. A onetime 290-pound defensive player in college football, Steve found himself out of shape quickly after he quit playing due to injury. Today Steve is a lean 215 pounds with a six pack. During his own fitness journey, Steve developed a 3-in-1 training system that he practices at Next Level Fitness.

No Time

According to the HHRSA, a not-for-profit trade association representing the health and fitness industries, a perceived lack of personal time which is often limited by commitments to family and work, is one of the principle reasons people choose not to exercise.

"The first reason that people abandon working out is time," said Hochman. "You can get the amazing results you want in half the time if you have the right program. At Next Level Fitness we have an exclusive 3-in-1 training system that combines the benefits of both cardio and weights. The key is learning the right program."

Few Can Do It On Their Own

"Let's face it. Getting active after years or months of being sedentary takes effort and is hard," said Hochman. "Many people abandon working out because of a lack of motivation. At Next Level Fitness, we do not have any gym members. We only do personal training and they keep people motivated to stay with their fitness program. Our trainers know what exercises work, and when people see results they stick with the program. Our training provides focus and motivation to ensure our customers' success. Few can do it on their own."

Feel Intimidated

"Many January fitness triers also lose their commitment because they are intimidated. They almost feel like they have to get in shape first before they join a club," said Hochman. "Consequently they try to work out at home alone with limited encouragement and support.

"At Next Level Fitness, we offer focus and motivation to ensure your success. If you don't feel accountable to your workout, or if you aren't doing personal training with someone who will inspire you to reach your goals, then eventually you fall short and abandon your resolution," said Hochman.

Too Expensive

Many people know the benefits of a personal trainer but are worried about the cost. Next Level Fitness believes in a small fitness group approach which actually yields for better results than one-on-one training and keeps costs low.

About Next Level Fitness

Next Level Fitness is local at 17811 Skypark Circle, Suite E in Irvine, CA.

Next Level Fitness also offers a Pilates studio and massage and chiropractic services.


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