The British Psychological Society's inaugural Sport and Exercise Annual Conference will take place on the 11 - 12 December 2008 at the Society's London office, 30 Tabernacle Street, London, EC2A 4UE.

This will be an exciting event with nearly 150 Sport and Exercise psychologists attending and three high profile keynote speakers.

Professor Craig Mahoney, (British Association of Sport and Exercise Science and Professor of Applied Sport Psychology University of Northumbria) will discuss 'Cultural Underachievement and Sport Psychology - Policy and Practice' that he believes keeps the UK from achieving better results at international elite sports;

Craig explained: 'The frivolous nature of the UK public supporting sport, is evidenced by the national willingness to accept defeat too easily and demonstrate only fleeting commitment to varied sporting events, and falling back quickly to football, when such elimination occurs.'

Professor Bonnie G Berger (Director of the School of Human Movement, Sport & Leisure Studies, Bowling Green State University, USA) will discuss the connection between exercise and quality of life in her presentation; 'Multiple roles of exercise in quality of life'.

Professor Dave Collins (Performance Director UK Athletics) will present his 'Strange bedfellows; Why sport and exercise Psychology.'

Other topics discussed at the conference include:

- Choking under pressure
- Mental toughness in men stronger than women
- Footballer discipline can improve results
- How top mountaineers succeed
- Exercise dependence
- Cycling computers can hinder performance

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