A new milestone in the BVA's 125-year history took place at its Annual General Meeting on 28 September when the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA) and the Veterinary Practice Management Association (VPMA) were welcomed as Affiliate members. Affiliate and Associate are newly activated BVA membership categories, and the election of BVNA and the VPMA as Affiliates also encourages any of their suitably qualified members to apply for Associate membership of the BVA.

Affiliate status in no way affects an organisation's own remit and responsibilities towards its members. What it does mean is that Affiliates can benefit from the BVA's knowledge and expertise in such areas as lobbying and marketing.

In welcoming BVNA and VPMA newly elected BVA President Nicky Paull said: "I am delighted that my Presidential year coincides with the BVA family embracing both veterinary nurses and veterinary practice managers. Both are integral members of the veterinary team and we believe that our new relationship will bring lasting benefits to all parties. BVA looks forward to supporting our new Affiliates in promoting the professionalism of both veterinary nursing and veterinary practice management not only within the profession but to the wider community. These are exciting, if challenging times, for the veterinary community world-wide and I have no doubt that our new relationship will strengthen not only our individual associations but the profession as a whole."

The BVA Articles of Association define Affiliation as: Such veterinary associations or other bodies as shall apply to the Board, after approval by and at the discretion of the Board and subject to confirmation by an Annual General Meeting, may be affiliated to the Association on payment of the annual affiliation fee as may be determined by the Board from time to time (hereinafter referred to as an "Affiliate"). An Affiliate's membership will be reviewed by the Board every five years. An Affiliate, after consideration by and at the discretion of the Board and subject to confirmation by an Annual General Meeting, may be disaffiliated.

To be eligible for Affiliated Group Status groups must have a membership of usually 100 or more; be veterinary related; and not be politically motivated.

Benefits to Affiliated Groups include a seat on BVA Council, with a vote once the Affiliate group has 100 or more BVA Associates or BVA Members thereby providing a route to veterinary policy input and information gathering; inclusion on the BVA website at bva; occasionally space in Off The Record for events/articles; use of the BVA boardroom and catering facilities for committee meetings at Divisional/Affiliate rates; a route to BVA divisions for the dissemination of information and ideas; and the ability to state on stationary their Affiliate status.

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