The BMA publishes a report today (Thursday 28 April 2005) that will clear the air on the smoking debate. The report, 'Behind the smokescreen', backs up the BMA's call for a UK-wide ban on smoking in all enclosed public places.

'Behind the smokescreen' presents the facts to counter the myths generated by opponents to legislation to restrict smoking in enclosed public places. The publication considers four key arguments: choice; public opinion and enforcement; health and science; and economics.

The Tobacco Industry continues to argue that there is no risk to health from exposure to second hand smoke1. However, an independent review of all available evidence on second hand smoke and cancer concluded exposure to other people's smoke increases the risk of lung cancer in non smokers by 20-30 per cent.

Mr James Johnson, Chairman of the BMA said today:

"The medical profession is united in its calls for a UK-wide ban on smoking in all enclosed public places and workplaces. Recent research reports that passive smoking kills 30 people each day. The true cost of delaying legislation is not financial, it is human."

"With the General Election only a week away the BMA strongly urges all political parties to read this report - the case for a complete ban on smoking in all enclosed public places has never been better made."

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